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ARK Builders can do a variety of projects in addition to what is shown in photos.

This work includes:
 1) Footings
 2) Block work including full foundations for what is to be built such as:
      a. Additions
      b. Garages
      c. Full houses or buildings
 3) Retaining walls
 4) Concrete slabs
      a. Stamped concrete slabs for patios
      b. Plain concrete slabs either with steel trowel finish or broom finish and in color
      c. Floating slabs for basements including:
        1. Poly vapor barrier
        2. Stone
        3. Perimeter drains with sump
        4. Concrete slab
 5) Hardscape using a variety of manufacturers
 6) Brick work including:
 7) Chimneys, both block and block with brick veneer or stucco veneer
 8) Stucco installation, both new construction and existing buildings
      a. Stucco in colors